A Splendid Notion

After my third thoroughly enjoyable solo performance at Zoukfest, I became convinced that the Mandolin was strong enough instrument to maintain a solo setting in Celtic music. The seed for my first album was sown there. I talked it over with Roger Landes who runs the camp and we both agreed that the “solo mandolin” album needed to be made. Simply and without clutter.

I had always envisaged my first album to be a bold statement, encompassing as many possible influences, putting as many strengths as far into the foreground as possible. More and more though, the idea of a simple album that said what I wanted to say with as few words as possible, appealed to me.

I figured there was no need for me to add interesting counterpoint accompaniment, or add my own compositions, or even add tunes from other traditions that I have interests in. I decided to make an album with none of that, not even the tunes would be anything new. There was no need introduce a new repertoire, just old favourites heard in a new way.

My intention with the Splendid Notion was to make an album where the only thing that stood out was the sound of the instrument and the tasteful playing of both it and the percussion. This was an album about the mandolin.