With Peter Daffy

One week after I took a mandolin out of my bedroom and into the wild world of busking, I was invited to the Cygnet Folk Festival. The first act I saw was a singer songwriter who had enlisted some feller to play some mandolin on his songs after an all night session.

Russian Lullaby

Irving Berlin's Russian Lullaby, live at Brookfield Winery.

At the festival the following year, I found myself in an all night session with the same mandolin player. That was 1998 and I haven’t stopped playing music with Peter. We have had various lineups over the years from RSL favourites The Rare Auld Stock, to our own Funky String Band (Mk. 1, 2 and 3). In 2009 we decided to go out as a duo until the Funky String Band could find a way of touring in an economically viable way.

Throughout my entire musical career Peter has been around in some form or other so playing as a duo comes very easily. We’ve finished our first album together and have a number of other projects up our sleeve so stay tuned for updates!

More recently we have had the distinct pleasure of playing with Dbl Bass extraordinaire Shannon Birchall. What a treat!