The Ramblin Roses

Those who know me at all well know that I am a fan of the Grateful Dead. I love the music and listening to the way the players listen and respond to each other while remaining totally individual. I was approached a couple years back by Jason Taylor, the director of a festival called JamGrass, about doing a "Dead" show. Things took time as they always do, but at JamGrass 2013, The Ramblin Roses had their debut.

Too much fun.

Not wanting to be solely a tribute band, we have broadened our scope to include music that is similar in nature and have started writing our own songs in that vein.

The Ramblin Roses are:

Shannon Birchall: Bass, Vocals
Dave Evans: Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Green: Guitar, Vocals
Ben McAtamney: Drums, Vocals
Luke Plumb: Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Ramblin Roses - Cumberland Blues