My “tunes” can be found on the albums below. New and old music will be kept here. For the dots on any of this material, just drop me a line and I’d be delighted to forward the music…


The Arms Dealer’s Daughter
Glenuig Hall, Carboni’s Farewell, The Patient Man, The New Rat #6, Missed The Bypass, The Reid St. Sofa, Scraping the Barrel, Malcolm’s Possum, Take The Tunnel, Tune For Bartley

McConnell’s Rant (w/Quee), Excess Baggage, She’s a Keeper, The Lead Break, The Trim Controller, Charlie and the Professor, The Tap Inn, The Dazzler, 32 Bars of Filth, The Patient Nurses, Wattle Grove, Another Bucket of Eels, Jane’s Dance

The Road to Bled, The Dancing Goose, The Green Nose, Ham in the Boiler Room, First To Sleep, The Fulmar, The Vague Rant, Sandals and Boots

Funky String Band

The Funky String Band
Carboni’s Farewell, Slipping Up the Stairs (actually an early incarnation of Glenuig Hall), Shepherd’s Lullaby, Boundary Rider, Lake Minnows at Dawn

Mongrel Unleashed
Tommy’s Shades, Beetroot Juice, The Old Schoolhouse, Sarah Hoy’s

And You May Find Yourself
Belle of Benbecula, Candle in the Bushel, The Sad Eye

Kate Burke and Ruth Hazelton
Swapping Seasons

The Set Trap, The Gilded Lily