My suite of music for the Ten Titles project revolved around traditional form in melody - that is simple 16 bar parts. The challenge for me was writing extended developments of these simple melodies and arranging them in a way that maintained interest despite the tonal restrictions of four instrument with the same range.

Rather than go into a studio and work to the clock I flew the various members (a Cypriot, an Afghani, a handful of Scots, and an American to document it all) to an eco farm in southern Greece for a week of intense rehearsal and recording. Calum Malcolm was on board to Engineer and produce the sessions and the result was a great testament to what can be done given the right people, location, focus and good FOOD!

I have two unrecorded pieces for string ensembles that I worked on a while ago, and are currently "gestating". I wrote the first after obsessively listening to Terry Riley's organ improvisations and the second after falling in love with the rhythm and melody of old rebetika.

Currently I am working on another project to involve Khaled Arman from the Eumelia Ensemble on Rebab and Del Ruba and a wonderful bassoonist from Asturias I met while working on the ballet Romeo and Juliet.