Music Camps

For a good number of years now I have been a regular staff member at both Zoukfest Music Camp in New Mexico, USA and Music Under the Southern Cross in Victoria, Australia.

The Mandolin class at Music under the Southern Cross

The main courses offered for these camps include:

Intermediate Celtic Mandolin.

Intermediate Celtic Mandolin focuses on the ways in which the mandolin can be used to produce authentic traditional celtic music. I concentrate on techniques to maximise the qualities of the mandolin as an instrument for this music and cover music from the Irish, Scottish and Asturian traditions.

The Sound of Sixteen Strings Pt. A and Pt. B.

This workshop gives a complete and in depth look at the first Planxty album. Transcriptions are provided and analysis given into the intricacies and development of ideas in the arrangement ideas. Pt. A and B refer to sides of the old vinyl.

Session Bouzouki (Arranging on the Fly).

“Arranging on the Fly” essentially provides guides on how to hear session music and respond in creative and respectful ways with accompaniment. There is no need for musical theory to take this class but I do cover topics such as harmony, chord substitution and counterpoint.

In addition I have run courses on Guitar Accompaniment, Ensemble Playing, Composition and Irish Tenor Banjo.

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