Recording News - Louisa Wise

Howdy Folks,

been a wee while so I thought I'd post up where we're at now that the site has gone live.

Wanna say a huge thanks to Alex Fiennes for getting this thing up and running. There have been a fair few setbacks but we got there!

I've been having an absolute delight working with and getting to know Louisa Wise and her music. Louisa has arrived in Melbourne from Margaret River in WA and while I knew all three of the girls from the "family band" and was aware of Scott's work as a luthier, Louisa was more or less unknown to me.

We got to know each other briefly at Fairbridge Folk Festival when The Shoogles played there in 2012 - she was learning Swedish tunes from the band MP3, later we learned a hypnotic Tibetan tune together from Gavan McCarthy called Ladakh.

Since in Melbourne we have been trawling through her back catalogue of material that isn't readily available other than cassette, new material and some great "fiddle and voice" old timey material. It's as much about cataloguing the extensive and wide repertoire she has, as making commercial recordings and that process is an absolute joy. The list is getting long but we have plans to drip feed yas all!

Looking forward to hearing some of it live at the Spotted Mallard before I guest with the MAE Trio on June 19th.