Recording News - Kate and Ruth

Howdy Folks,

I have been wanting to get back working with these two gals since our last frenzied outing in 2002. It's a real pleasure to be back again trawling a mine of material that we all hold dear.

For me it's been a good excuse to revisit albums I haven't listened to in their entirety for about 10 years. I went through a Martin Carthy and Nic Jones obsession from about 2000-2002 and I haven't gone back over that repertoire with focused intent since then.

What amazes me is how rich the music from that revival era is - and still fresh and current. Nic Jones' vocal phrasing and textural guitar work, Martin Carthy's unashamed love of the big ballad and his game changing approach to guitar playing. Maddy Prior and June Tabor with the Silly Sisters harmonies, Martin Wyndham-Read's gorgeous voice, Gaughan, Anne Briggs and so on and so on.

Must've been some time to be interested in this music.

And now I get a reason to jump into it all again. Thanks Kate and Ruth for inviting me along. Gonnae be a corker!