Post Nash

Morning all!

Just back and tending to the recovery process after the National Folk Festival. I'm sure the pun has been made before but it really is the most appropriately titled venue for the festival - EPIC!

Huge thanks to the people involved - myself and Pete had a great time. I loved our first gig best of all strangely enough. Very happy with Stardust...

That, and the Stockman's Camp which is arguably my favourite spot in the whole site.

Great to see Martin Carthy playing and singing - an inspiration as ever - and of course Rory MacLeod... Really miffed I missed the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble, I heard they were fantastic.

Big congrats as well to the MAE Trio for winning the National Film and Sound Archive's best album award. Totally deserved!

Even though a pre-Nash lurgy kept me from the session bar, it was great to be there and soak up the lovely atmosphere listening to some great music, eating great food and playing some great venues.

Thanks Nash!