Michael Kennedy Album - BEGUN

Howdy Folks,

Just spent a weekend in the company of Kate Burke and the music of Michael Kennedy. Pretty spesh.

We’re recording guitar parts for the album of new material that Michael and myself were unable to get finished satisfactorily before he left us. It can be quite an emotional experience.

However, understanding not only the gravity of the undertaking, but also the utter joy at getting this work out there makes for an incredibly uplifting process. Re-reading over our correspondences and notes on our individual and joined visions for each track brings back the conversations Michael and I had about the material which is an unexpected pleasure. Also, as Kate and I have been recording, new ideas that I am pretty sure would have brought a smile and barely restrained excitement to his face, have begun emerging as the songs begin to imply how they need to be treated.

This is a very special project for a special body of work, written by a special man.