Late May 2017

Howdy Folks,

I know I'm rotten slow on these updates. I have three unfinished and therefore unposted entries sitting on the computer. Slack as...

Anyway, since the last post mid tour with Andy Irvine there has been a lot in the works.

Firstly the second half of the tour with Andy was just about as good as I could have hoped for. The launch at the Spotted Mallard where we were joined by Kate and Ruth - both reprising roles from their contributions on Precious Heroes - was particularly special. That concert seemed to hit somewhere a bit out of the ordinary for me at least. That being said the other remaining concerts in the tour, house concerts, and the Newstead Festival were all memorable.

Also at the Newstead Festival I performed with Peter Daffy and Shannon Birchall. They were killer sets with great sound and a real excitement in the air. That's a group I would love to do more exploring with and I think it has definite potential. Thanks fellers!

Work began in February on a new album for the Appalachian Heaven String Band and concluded in time for their launch at the National Folk Festival. The album was recorded at Alexander Bell Sound Studios run by Ian Alexander who also plays banjo for the band. It's a lovely space, easy to work in, and additionally comes with Ian's superb collection of microphones and outboard gear. What a treat!
Contact them through their website:

Currently in the pot percolating are further recordings for an album by the Homegrown Quartet comprising of Neil Adam, Jessica Foot, Louise Goodwin and Judy Turner. It's going to be a lovely collection of new melodies and songs. I'm a sucker for interesting instrumentation and well thought out arrangements so this type of an album is right up my alley.

I was performing at the National Folk Festival with both the MAE Trio and in a new trio with Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton which were both great fun.

The MAE Trio were launching their second album Take Care, Take Cover which they recorded over in Nashville. Lovely to see the development of the material after the album Housewarming we did together. They're rocketing forward!

Kate and Ruth gigs feel a bit like the comfort of a good lounge room. The material is stuff I grew up being interested in and we're all on the same kinda page when it comes to respectfully treating old material. I think we'll continue to explore the wider musical reaches of the trio so keep an eye out for us!

During all of this I've been working slowly and surely on settling my own solo album into a place where it feels like it belongs. The good news is that with only some percussion to go and the odd extra backing vocal to add, it is in a place that seems very comfortable. Soon as there are some mixes I'll put up a few wee tasters...
Lots of people to thank from the pozible contributors to the killer band, Calum for engineering and so on -to everyone, thanks for your patience!

Beyond all this for the upcoming months there are whispers of Ramblin Roses gigs and an album, more plans with Pete Daffy and more collaborations with Kate and Ruth individually. I've also got the a landmark in the Calendar for next March/April to be back playing with Andy in Australia so fingers crossed that can be pulled off!

all the best for now...