Feb 2016

Howdy folks,

Lots been happening. Firstly fatherhood, while fairly all consuming, has been thoroughly rewarding and the Wee Eugenie is pretty rad.

On the work front I have been filling in my few moments free with a number of interesting projects. There is still the instrumental teaching in primary schools which I’m using as a serious data collection exercise in my seriously long term project to write a music method book. It’s a good exercise in the idea that periodically returning to fundamentals is a necessary part of progression.

The big news for me though, is that my second solo venture is finally hurtling towards commencement. I’ve just locked in a venue for the principle tracking, Musos are booked and I’m finalising lyrics and vocal parts now. Yes. Vocals - though not all from me! Quite a departure from solo mandolin and drums a la A Splendid Notion. It’s a kind of post Shoogle meander through the Stones and the VU, pit-stopping somewhere between Crete and Sardinia to play modal music.

The band that has been roped in for this little adventure is a cracker as well and I’m a little amazed they’ve all said yes! We’ll be tracking through April and then I’ll be tinkering with it throughout the year before mixes being done in the latter stages of the year.

Also in the mix (dreadful pun intended) I’m working on Louisa Wise’s(http://www.louisawise.com/) followup album to Sweet Birds. It’s been such a lot of fun getting to know Louisa and her music during these recordings and I’m delighted to be pushing through her great music again this year.

The Stray Hens(http://strayhens.com/) have got me on board to work on their new album. Principle tracking has been done for the majority of the songs with the remainder slated for May. Mattie Foulds(http://www.caribourecording.com/) has jumped on board to mix and I’m pretty proud of the music that has already been captured in the beautiful surrounds of Echidna Studios(http://www.echidnastudio.com.au/) in Yarra Glen.

On the playing front, March will see me joining my old pals and musical family Shooglenifty for a festival tour of Oz and NZ. Can't wait to get back in that familiar saddle and play that great music with them again. If you're about come check it out!