August News

Howdy Folks


Big news is that the Stray Hens news album is mixed, mastered and waiting artwork finalising before pressing. Keep yer eyes open and your eyes peeled for when this one is released. Should be a cracker.

In other news I am still, bit by precious bit, working away at my own album with my conservative deadline of November for mixing. Lots to do yet but already I’m feeling a bit warm and fuzzy about it as a whole. We’re starting to track the backing vocals on Sunday and having completed most of the first trumpet parts, the whole sound of the project will become more apparent. That’s an exciting place to be in. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for festivalling in March/April next year and hopefully see you all at the odd launch here and here.

In the meantime though, one of my two all time musical inspirations is trekking across the globe to record an album with me at the helm. It’s huge honour for me and a bit of a bucket list thrill to work on a recording with Andy Irvine - particularly in the context of a duo album. We’ll be launching it in Australia in the January festival period so come see us! The material is stellar in typical Andy fashion so I reckon we’re ALL in for a treat.

Also quietly ticking over is the new album for the Drowsy Maggies. Killer songs, beautiful playing and singing and it’s all coming together rather sweetly in the tracks. Again, we’re at early stages, but the album is shaping up to be a real gem. More vocals and a bit of bass before some sparkles to be added by yours truly and James MacKintosh. Another one to watch for.

Lots of good things happening which is a bloody relief after all the rotten shite that keeps on filling the news screens. I used to have a motto - Make Shit Happen. To balance the scales somewhat in these dark time, I reckon it needs to be upgraded to emergency level.

Make Wonderful Shit Happen.